The Brick and Blocklayers Federation was formed over 50 years ago to promote, support and educate the Masonry trades.

All about the Federation

The Brick and Blocklayers Federation are a collective community of the brick and block trade dedicated to working together to protect and promote the industry.

We want an industry that is professional, profitable and productive. 

The types of things we are working on achieving together are:

  • Ensuring our building systems are built right the first time by:

o   Providing clear technical information for both specifiers and installers;

o   Setting clear workmanship standards and developing mechanisms to measure against them;

o   Working with the New Zealand Masonry Trades Association to support their training and education programs.

  • Ensuring that we have the right people in the right places by:

o   Monitoring our capacity and capability measures;

o   Guiding the industry to becoming employers of choice;

o   Working with our apprentice training providers to ensure training is fit for purpose and that people are being trained;

o   Encouraging membership to the New Zealand Masonry Trades Association to enable business owners to develop

  • Encouraging the use of our building systems:

o   Promoting the benefits of building with our masonry products and systems;

o   Developing systems and processes to ensure that our industry is easy to work with

o   Continuing to open membership of BBFNZ up to all of those who rely on our products and services so we can be inclusive of their needs as we develop our industry.

If you work anywhere within the brick and blocklaying industry – there is an ability for you to be involved with the Brick and Blocklayers Federation.