Let us be the judge of our building systems.

Looking for an independent brick inspector?

Sometimes building work doesn’t go to plan and sometimes it doesn’t meet everyone’s expectations.  For the times when a building owner and building contractor cannot agree on whether a masonry veneer is of an acceptable standard, BBFNZ have developed a network of independent assessors who use an easy to follow reporting template that measures a veneer against acceptable practice.

They are our building systems, we know how they should be built.

You can see a list of assessors here: BBFNZ Assessor Network

You can read the Code of Conduct for assessors here: Code of Conduct for BBFNZ Assessors


Before engaging an assessor, we suggest parties familiarise themselves with the Brick Veneer Best Practice Guide (starting with a careful read of the preface).

You can read the Brick Veneer Best Practice Guide here: Brick Veneer Best Practice Guide.