Strong, smart, warm, quiet, safer and cost effective - what more could you want?

Building with Block is sensible

The performance of concrete block exceeds its reputation as a cost-effective way to deliver durable, energy efficient buildings. Added benefits such as fire protection and sound control make concrete block one of the more sensible building materials in the New Zealand construction sector. Recognition of these factors has led to an increase in innovative designs and uses in the New Zealand market.



Research has highlighted the importance of having warm, healthy buildings. One of the most impressive performance properties of concrete block is its ability to store and hold heat helping buildings stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 


The flame resistant properties of the materials used in concrete block combined with the thickness of the end product combine to create a building material that is recognised by the New Zealand Fire Service and insurance industry for its increased fire protection.


When considering the option of using concrete block - the cost benefits expand from savings during the initial build through to cost savings over the life of the building. Right from the start with a build, labour and material costs associated with developing “formwork” (framing) and insulation are eliminated or reduced due to the performance benefits of concrete block. Depending on other factors of the build, the simplicity of concrete block systems also include savings in general time related costs. Concrete block however provides other hidden cost savings due to its low maintenance, energy efficient and fire protection nature for decades after the build is complete.


Every tried yelling at your kids through a block wall? Concrete block is an excellent sound barrier adding to the comfort of the use of buildings and making it the perfect solution for managing traffic noises and other unwanted disturbances.


Why wouldn’t you build with concrete block?