08, 2019
Using the right contractors
| 21 August 2019 |
BBFNZ announces an industry accreditation scheme - Master Mason to help main contractors and individuals identify contractors who have shown that they can build to industry standards.
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03, 2017
Respiratory Protection for Brick and Blocklayers
| 16 March 2017 |
BBFNZ, NZMTA and 3M have teamed up to help Brick and Blocklayers identify the best type of respiratory protection for their needs.
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07, 2016
What everybody needs to know about Records of Work (ROW)
| 27 July 2016 |
The Brick and Blocklayers Federation (BBFNZ) has received an increasing number of enquiries regarding brick and blocklayers not issuing Records of Work (ROW). Just so everybody is clear on the matter, we thought we would clarify a few points.
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01, 2017
NZMTA Employment agreement template released
| 31 January 2017 |
The NZMTA has released an employment agreement template, developed specifically for small to medium masonry businesses, for members to use.
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11, 2015
Hands on at Dunstan High School
| 09 November 2015 |
The Central Otago Brick and Blocklayers Association teamed up with their local industry to take the brick and blocklaying trade back to school.
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10, 2018
Firth wins Conference Choice Award 2018
| 23 October 2018 |
The Conference Choice Award is selected by the industries toughest critics - the dedicated masons that attend the industries yearly conference. At the 2018 World of Masonry Conference, the award was given to 'Firths Templeview Project'.
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09, 2016
Registrations open for New Zealand Masonry Trades Association
Nicholas | 23 September 2016 |
Brick and Blocklaying companies can now register for membership to the New Zealand Masonry Trades Association (NZMTA) an amalgamation of regional associations.
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06, 2015
Brick Veneer Best Practice Guide Published
Nicholas | 29 June 2015 |
The Brick and Blocklayers Federation (BBFNZ) has released the first edition of its Brick Veneer Best Practice Guide
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08, 2016
Silver Trowel (Apprentice of the Year) Award winner announced
| 30 August 2016 |
Calley Gibbons of Mandron Masonry has been awarded the Brick and Blocklaying Industry Silver Trowel "Apprentice of the Year" award for 2016.
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10, 2015
Industry Excellence Acknowledged
| 09 October 2015 |
The Brick and Blocklayers Federation is supported by a number of individuals who donate their knowledge and time to progress the industry.
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