Industry Excellence Acknowledged

The Brick and Blocklayer Federations 49th Annual Conference and AGM proved the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of individuals that have helped the Federation achieve its goals in the 2014-2015 year.

Federation Chief Executive Melanie McIver firstly welcomed and thanked Manufacturers and Distributors who have joined the Federation in the last 12 months which includes:

  • Bower Brothers Concrete Ltd

  • Firth Industries (including Dricon)

  • NZ Brick Distributors

  • The Block Shop

  • Midland Brick and Stone

  • IBP Ltd

  • AU Bricks

  • Canterbury Clay

  • Masons Plastabrick

The Federation recently introduced the “Brick and Block Industry Excellence Award” whose recipients embody individuals who have stood up and played an exemplar role in progressing the goals of the Federation. For 2014-2015 it was decided that the award would be shared with Rick Mead and Steve Crossland.

Rick Mead has been a Federation Board member since 2010 and took the reins of Chairman in 2012. His time on the Board has seen the employment of a full-time CEO, the expansion of the Federation to include Manufacturers/Distributors and Apprentices as members, and the release of the Federations Brick Veneer Best Practice Guide.

Steve Crossland has been the Technical Officer of the Federation since October 2014. His efforts have played a big part in the development of the Brick Veneer Best Practice Guide and the Federations focus on technical development.

Other Industry Acknowledgements

A special thanks was made to Pat Buckley, who along with Rick Mead was standing down from the Federation Board. Pat Buckley has been a Board member since 2009 and continues to assist the Industry as the Change Manager for document updates.

The remaining Federation Board members – Craig King, Bernie Caddick and Brendan Kerr along with Federation minute Secretary Christy Thompson were also acknowledged.

Other Industry Acknowledgements were made to:

  • Derek James – Auckland Masonry Trades Association;

  • Jan Buckland – Canterbury Brick and Blocklayers Association;

  • Kevin Heath – Bay of Plenty Masonry Trades Association, BBFNZ Health and Safety Advocate;

  • Greg Kelly – Waikato Brick and Block Association, BCITO;

  • Thomas Mitchell – NZ Brick Distributors.