NZMTA Employment agreement template released

The New Zealand Masonry Trades Association (NZMTA) has released a permanent employee agreement template for its members’ use. The agreement has clauses to enable better people management and guidance should concerns arise during the employment.

At the Brick and Blocklayer Federations (BBFNZ) 2016th AGM and Conference, Association members present agreed to allow the BBFNZ to merge the 14 associations nationwide to create a single trade association - New Zealand Masonry Trades Association (NZMTA). It is intended that the NZMTA provide informational seminars and resources to assist in compliance requirements for its masonry company members. The employment agreement template is an example of the sort of benefits NZMTA members will be receiving.

“What we are hoping to encourage as an industry is a fair working environment that will attract young people to help us continue the trade” says Melanie McIver CEO BBFNZ, “to do this, we need to lift the employment skills of our businesses. The employment agreement template is our first step towards this. It is an employment agreement written specifically with our smaller businesses in mind”.

The NZMTA employment agreement template contains clauses to enable flexibility of managing workers, especially through rainy seasons and work downturns while enabling small businesses to manage work flow trends. It also contains some step-by-step instructions should employment issues occur.

NZMTA members are able to request a copy of the employment agreement template via