One of the benefits of joining a Brick and Blocklayers Association is the assistance you receive when building laws change.

Industry Helping Industry

On 1 January 2015 the Building (Consumer Rights and Remedies) Regulations 2014 came into effect.  You can read these here:

One of the functions of BBFNZ is to ensure members are made aware and understand new regulations that impact on them.  BBFNZ has provided Association members with a Help Sheet on these new requirements.  You can view this here: BBFNZ Consumer Rights and Remedies Help Sheet

BBFNZ also develops resources for Association members to help them comply with these requirements.

1.  The MBIE Checklist form for homeowners can be found here:

2.  The BBFNZ Disclosure Form for members can be found here:

Disclosure Form (Fillable)

Disclosure Form (Print)

3.   Association members can request a Contract for Homeowners via


Product Warranties from our Manufacturing Members will be made available here:

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